BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser
BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser

BriteSmile™ - Water Flosser

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Get A Dentist-Approved Smile From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Ultrasonic Electric Tooth Cleaner



😁 Dental Care With Healthier Gums: BriteSmile™ Water Flosser effectively and easily removes plaque, bacteria, stains, and hard tartar. Reduces gum disease and bleeding gums. The result is healthy gums and beautiful white teeth.

😁 New High-Pulse Technology: 1200 pulses per minute effectively reduce stubborn calculus, stains, and buildup. High-pulse technology is safe for the enamel and gums, eliminating risk of damage.


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😁 USB Rechargeable: Safe and fast charging with USB. One charge lasts up to 100 uses, making travel very convenient.

😁 Adjustable Design And Safer For Use: Offers 5 levels of adjustable pressure to remove stubborn buildup and stains. Perfect for adults, kids, and those with sensitive gums.



😁 Using Only The Safest Materials: Food-grade silicone/PC/ABS/304, IPX7 level waterproof security system, and easily rechargeable ensures security and convenience

😁 Portable Design: BriteSmile™ Water Flosser is a convenient at-home dental care solution. The low price and portability make BriteSmile™ a perfect tool to have in your dental care routine.

😁 Welcome Pearly Whites: Effectively cleans and whitens teeth. BriteSmile™ removes the toughest stains, plaque, and tartar build-up in a safe way. Having a shiny and healthy set of teeth has never been easier!


Have Teeth As Bright As Your Future! Get Yours Today!


Package includes:

1 x BriteSmile Water Flosser
5 x Replaceable Nozzles
1 x Toothbrush Head 
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Storage Bag 




Question: How often should I use my water flosser?

Answer: We recommend flossing at least once a day to maintain good oral health. It takes 60 seconds or less to floss the entire mouth. 


Question: Can I use this on braces, crowns, implants, veneers, dentures, or fillings?

Answer: BriteSmile™ can be used with all of the above! It will not damage them.


Question: Can children use the BriteSmile Water Flosser?

Answer: Absolutely YES. We do recommend supervision when they start out to ensure the correct technique is being. We also recommend your kids start at the lowest pressure setting.


Question: Where can you deliver?

Answer: We deliver worldwide! Shipping times do vary based on where you live so please feel free to email us at for more detailed information on ship times.


Question: Does water flossing replace brushing?

Answer: No. Water flossing is for cleaning between the teeth and around the gum line. It does not clean the surface of your teeth and brushing twice daily is still required to maintain good oral hygiene.

Question: Can I floss if my gums are bleeding?

Answer: It's completely normal for your gums to bleed slightly when using a water flosser the first time, don't panic! Keep the unit on the lowest pressure and increase over time to a comfortable level. If bleeding does not subside after using your flosser regularly, see a dentist or dental hygienist as this may be indicative of something serious.



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