BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen
BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen
BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen
BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen

BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen

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Powerful Whitening, Anytime, Anywhere!

Make sure your smile gets the attention it deserves with our BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen! This extra strength, instant teeth whitening pen contains 35 percent Carbamide Peroxide to gently and effectively remove years worth of stains from coffee, wine, and more.

BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen seeps into the nooks & crannies, and its soft-bristle brush provides a quick and easy no-mess applications. Giving you a fast, effective, and super-convenient on-the-go whitening pen.



😁 Brush On Your Teeth

The pen measures 5" and has a sleek tube design so it fits in any purse, pocket or storage area. Simply use the BriteSmile™ Whitening Pen to brush on a smooth layer of gel and go about your day! No annoying strips or thick paste that you need to leave on for an hour. Delivers faster results than comparable teeth whitening products on the market.

😁 Whiten On The Go

Designed in a sleek, chic package for any time use, you can use it after meals or in between meetings. Help freshen your breath while brightening your smile. Just brush onto teeth and go! Each pen lasts for up to three weeks of twice-daily applications.

😁 No Sensitivity

Effectively whiten your teeth using the most advanced teeth whitening technology and advanced ingredients delivering dental grade results, the same technique you'll find at the dentist, but from the comfort and convenience of your home. 35 percent Carbamide Peroxide delivers professional results without the downside of sensitive teeth!

😁 Visible Results After The First Use

See visible results and whiter teeth after just 1 treatment with this system. Repeat for 7-10 days or until desired whitening results are achieved.


Your purchase is insured by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will refund your money.